Register For NIN as a Nigerian in the UK

Welcome to this page. We are here to help many Nigerians both in the UK and also various places in the world register and get their NIN which has become almost mandatory for most Nigerians in the Diaspora.

You are going to learn the necessary things you need to be aware of to register for your NIN in the diaspora.

What is NIN?

NIN stands for National Identification Number. It is a unique 11-digit number given to an individual upon enrolment at a NIMC enrolment centre. NIMC stands for National Identity Management Commission. This is the body mandated with the regulation and operation of national identity in Nigeria.

The NIN is used to verify and identify you as an individual.

How do you register to get your NIN?

To get a NIN you need to enrol for it at a licenced enrolment centre near you. When you get to a centre, your biometrics will be taken, and immediately a transaction slip is issued to you which has a tracking id. Your NIN will then be generated using your tracking id. A second slip will be issued to you which has your 11-digit NIN written on it which is called your NIN slip.

In some cases, some individuals have their NIN generated through their BVN (Bank Verification Number) for those with BVN gotten before 2018. If you have a BVN you can take it along with you to an enrolment centre for the agent to do a pre-check using your BVN to know if you have a BVN-generated NIN or to do a BVN verification.

Note that most BVN-generated NINs are not yet active on the NIMC database. So, you need to go to an enrolment centre to activate your NIN. This process involves your biometrics being taken again.

Your NIN once issued is unique to you as no two NINs are the same. Also, enrolment is only done once. If you try to register for the second time, the system will raise an alert.

Who is eligible to get a NIN?

All citizens and legal residents in Nigeria from ages 0-adult are eligible to get NIN.

There are two categories of enrolment, enrolment for adults aged 16 and above, and enrolment for children aged 0-15. For child enrolment, one of the Nigerian parents who has registered and obtained a NIN must accompany the child.

What to do if you have NIN but you have forgotten?

If you have forgotten your NIN, you need to contact an enrolment centre to help you. Alternatively, you can dial the code *346# on your registered mobile number which attracts a 20 naira fee. But this is limited to Nigerian phone numbers.

If you chose to go to an enrolment centre, recovering your NIN may involve the use of your phone number, and basic biometrics like name, date of birth, and the use of your fingerprint. The agent at the enrolment centre will need this basic information to be able to track your NIN.

If you also need to reprint your NIN slip, you can do so at the enrolment centres.

Enrolment for NIN in Nigeria is free, but enrolment outside Nigeria attracts a fee. Charges may vary depending on the enrolment centre and location in the world.

What is the benefit of getting your NIN?

The NIN helps to identify you as an individual as there is no duplication of identity. It gives you access to some social welfare, claims to some entitlements, and helps to eliminate fraud.

The NIN is necessary when you want to get your e-ID card, international passport, your driver’s licence, insurance, pension issuance, financial transactions, etc.

NIN is necessary to register your business, register for some professional bodies, open a bank account, and even register your child for WAEC.

What to do before you go for an enrolment.

  1. Ensure you check your documents and records properly before you go to an enrolment centre to be sure you have not registered for NIN before.
  2. Some individuals with a BVN (Bank Verification Number) can generate a BVN-generated NIN. Take your BVN with you to an enrolment centre to get your NIN activated or verified.
  3. Locate an enrolment centre near you.
  4. Take a means of identification with you. It must be a Nigerian document. e.g. International passport, driver’s licence, birth certificate, LGA or indigene certificate, national id card, travel documents, or any other identity reference that identifies you as a Nigerian. Please note, go with your original documents and not a copy on your phone or storage device.
  5. For child enrolment, one of the parents must accompany the child and must present his or her NIN number to register the child.
  6. For those who want to do a modification like a change of name, date of birth or any other field, go with your NIN and also any supporting documents that reflect the change.

In 2019, NIMC began diaspora enrolment and commissioned some enrolment centres in the diaspora to help to register Nigerians in the diaspora get enrolled so that they can benefit from the acquisition of the NIN. Check for an enrolment centre near you here if you live in the UK.

If you live outside the UK or any part of the world you can check for an enrolment centre here.

Joe-Han Network Marketing Limited is one of the partners with NIMC which has different centres located in the heart of the UK.

One of the diaspora centres is located in Leeds. If you are located close to Leeds you can register for your NIN here. Book an appointment and choose a convenient date and time to have your NIN enrolment done.

For more information, contact us here.

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