What you can do to increase your engagement with others and not work alone  

Many times in life you feel you need to work alone and it sometimes causes you to struggle to make ends meet. 

In other words, you struggle with yourselves. You tend to forget that no one is an island, and you need others to make things easier for you.  

The truth is, we are all made to be a blessing to others, and others equally are a source of blessing to us when we reach out to them. 

So, in the journey of fulfilling your professional task, you need other professionals because you cannot do your professional work alone.

1. You need others to succeed. 

For instance, top businessmen know this, which is why they value the essence of networking and teamwork. 

Simply put, a business’ greatest asset is people. You need others to succeed. Which is why teamwork is vital to succeeding in any endeavour.

In a sports game, the quality of teamwork determines the success of the team. Every member of the teamwork hand in hand to help the team win. 

Meanwhile, in individual sports games, they also have the use the help of the coach, personal trainers or mentors to succeed. You cannot do it alone.

3. Have you failed to ask for help? 

There are people out there who have what you need. Whether it’s the need for ideas, direction, new software, new equipment, new recipes, new formulas, etc. 

Life is always changing. Nothing is constant. 

So, as things change in life, other people are blessed with things as much as you are blessed with new things. 

Therefore, as you desire to advance, so are other people advancing.

There are people who have gone through the situation you are going through right now and they succeeded. That is why you need mentors. 

If you can reach out to them they will help you. 

4. There is nothing new under the sun says “the preacher”. 

Anyone who has passed through what you are passing through now is always willing to share their experience with you. They will tell you how they did it if you ask them. You will continue to feel alone if you don’t ask for help.

There is no goal you aim for that you won’t require a combination of resources to help you get them done. 

As I am writing this article, I first had to put pen to paper, then transfer what I drafted to the computer before publishing it online. It did not just jump from my mind to your mind. It had to pass through different stages and channels of drafting, reading, editing, and reading before transferring it for publishing.

Ideas will remain in your mind until you activate it by putting it into action. 

In the process of putting ideas into action, you get to interact with other factors and resources which include people. There are things that require the inputs of others.

You did your part by starting up the idea. Other people will help you complete it or bring it to fruition.

What I am saying is that in your professional pursuit, there are people out there whose position it is to help make your job easier. And you must do your part to take action on the ideas in your mind first. 

So, the truth is you may need to pay for their services but the help they rendered will save you countless hours. Time is very valuable.

5. See, when you are down, your fellow man will lift you up. 

Do not hesitate to share your challenges with those who have the experience or the position to help you. But you must be careful who you seek for help.  

You must know who you are asking for help. Some people have limited roles to play in your life or in your profession, so you must ask only those who can assist you or if they can’t help, they can link you up with someone who can. You can’t give what you don’t have.  Do your homework.

6. You are not alone. 

What you have is valuable to others. There are others waiting to share their professional skills with you too. 

As a lawyer, I know that in the course of seeking justice for a client many combinations of factors have to be put into place. 

You need other professionals as well who will share ideas with you and your team. Don’t act alone. 

7. Join hands with other professionals.

If you are a doctor, reach out to other doctors. Are you an architect? You can get help from your colleagues. If you are a student, your fellow classmate can help you explain that difficult subject.

If you must ask, ask specifically. And if you have to sell yourself, sell yourself highly. 

If you need to pay for what you are looking for, do it because you value what they offer you.  After all, nothing is free.

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