Why you should consider a career as a consultant



What is it about Consulting?

Consulting could be a rewarding career path. Consultants come up from different fields—legal practitioners, engineers, marketing experts, human resource managers, finance, health, education, etc. They perform professional or semiprofessional services in return for a commission. A consultant is also a person who gives advice of a professional nature when consulted.
Depending on your area of experience, expertise or interest you can become a consultant. We all have varying special and unique experiences that are in demand by individuals, organizations, and companies. The area of personal consulting has become very popular these days.
To be a consultant, you don’t necessarily have to have a single degree or qualification. I am not saying you should not have a degree, what I mean is that the paramount thing is that you have the needed expertise or skill and experience to help solve a problem. Apart from the medical, engineering, and professional experts who have attained a certain level that requires licensing, consultants may be undergraduates, diploma holders, or anyone with certified training.  
Do not be carried away by the word ‘consultant’ or think consulting is meant for only those with a Master’s Degree or PhD from the best university in the world, though it’s an added advantage. My point is that what qualifies a person to be a consultant is that he has the required experience and skill to get the job done.  Some consultants though may be required to have the required license to practice or belong to a Professional Body/Association. As far as the required know-how is available and you know your job well then you can be said to be ready for a job in consulting.
Consultants can come from any profession. They may include engineers, architects, medical practitioners, lawyers, accountants, computer programmers, fashion designers, gym instructors, gardeners, DJs, hair stylists, and lots more.  You name it. A consultant is more often than not an expert or one with professional experience.

When should one start up as a consultant?

Many consultants did not just start-up as consultants from day one. They gathered some experiences over the years that made them outstanding. Many consultants started because of their experiences working for other people. This is common among doctors and lawyers. Some people prefer to work with certain professionals because they like their services. As a result of this many consultants started consulting for these people as a result of continued requests from their satisfied customers. Some consultants start their business when they are tired of the regular 9-5 jobs.
Some consultants in some instances startup after being terminated from their previous employment.  Some other consultants prefer to work alone, so, they started up as consultants. Whatever may be the reason for beginning, what is important is that you become a successful consultant.  That is why it is important to do your job to the best of your ability.  
The work of a consultant begins when you know you have the ability to meet specific needs or solve specific problems with an accurate diagnosis. An ability to find solutions to people’s problems makes you stand out.
The decision to become a consultant follows after as an expert you have successfully marketed your skills and made them sellable to a number of clients. You can decide to practice as a consulting expert for a good number of selected clients who will retain your services. It is important that as a consultant you are able to market your skills. Successful consultants have good marketing ability and have gotten to the point where they don’t need to market anymore, clients keep coming.

Benefits of being a consultant

One major benefit of being a consultant is that you choose your working hours.

Whether you choose to work in the morning or evening it’s your decision to make. Most gym instructors for instance have different times they do their classes. Some prefer early mornings while others prefer it in the evenings. As a consultant, you can choose your working hours to the satisfaction of both you and your clients. Some consultants decide to work only on weekends. Well, that depends on the kind of work to be done and the size of the task.

You can decide to work from home.

Working from home may not sound professional to some people. It is not an idea for the big consulting firm but it is a sound idea for the personal consultant (independent consultant). Working at home saves you some cost and it gives you a feeling of working in an environment that inspires you. The idea of working from home before the COVID-19 pandemic looked like an unprofessional idea, but the global perspective of working from home changed after the global pandemic. It is only essential that if you are a work from home consultant, ensure that you don’t have kids around that may distract your work or you should have a separate part of your home where you can work quietly and not be disturbed.

You become specialist

Most consultants are specialists in their fields. Employing firms prefer candidates with specialized skills in their related fields. Consultants have the benefits of being in high demand because of their special skills. This enables them to concentrate on a single task to completion and produce maximum results. Thousands of people need the services of a consultant who specializes in marketing personal services.

Consultants choose how they want to live their lives.

Consultants are not stuck to the 8-5 every working day salary paying jobs. They have time to go do other things or market for new clients. A consultant who already has a steady supply of devoted clients and doesn’t need to market anymore has more time in his hands to do other things. They have amply scheduled their lives to accommodate their personal life and work life. They live a flexible life and can easily switch when necessary

Consultants can choose how they want to be paid.

They may decide to be paid hourly, weekly or on completion of the task. No matter what payment style is chosen, what matters most is the payment style that is favourable to your business.
Consulting is becoming a common trend now. This means that a consulting job is a very lucrative way to work.

Finally, consultants do what they love

Most consultants I know do what they love. As a consultant, you chose what you want to do, so you mostly do what you find joy in doing. This is my favourite benefit. If you do what you love, you’ll never work again in your life.

If you know more benefits and ideas on consulting, feel free to comment.

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