Leaders are people who are disciplined. Leaders are people who have the ability to lead them-self before they can lead others. That is why leaders have a high level of self-control, willpower, and mastery. The path to professionalism is a path to leadership. You hardly find a professional who is not a leader in his field.

Leaders are needed everyday. This is because they are the ones responsible for promoting the wheel of change. They stimulate change and progress.

Leadership begins in the family, then to community, and then the society at large. Where there is an organisation there will automatically be leaders.
We need more leaders today. The society needs more leaders because leaders take charge of their situation and they are agents of change. As a professional, it begins when you start leading teams

There are very few natural born leaders. Leaders are made rather than born. Though there are leaders by birth but they are very few. In other words leadership is a learn-able skill.

Leadership is a growth process. Leaders grow from one level to the other. The value of growth is determined by the quality of learning. Leaders learn everyday. Outstanding leaders are not ashamed to learn new things. That’s why leaders are called readers. They read to learn. They must be up to date.

Another quality of leaders is that they are visionary. Leaders have the ability to imagine a desired future and work towards achieving it. Also, leaders have the ability to communicate their vision to others effectively. People who follow a leader do so because they believe in the vision of the leader. Why do you think good communicator make good leaders?

The path of leadership is undeniably a path for a few. Why? The reason is because only few people rise up to take the lead. People leave it for those brave enough to do it. 

Leadership requires boldness, selflessness, and passion. Leaders are in most cases role models for others to follow. Leaders stand out.

Leaders stand out by being examples in their quality of work, ethics, dressing, time management, and personal management.

Leaders do more than others and are committed to results. A man who is diligent in his work shall stand before kings the bible says. What this means is that a man who is diligent will get leadership positions. Like I said above, the path to professionalism is a path of leadership.

Great leaders never blame others but they take personal responsibility for their actions. They know that people look up to them and take their word seriously, so they make sure their actions is for the benefit of others. In fact, great leaders don’t complain, blame others or make excuses for their inaction.

Leaders take responsibility by being available and tackle important tasks when they arise. Leadership is professional responsibility.

As a professional, you are a leader and you must take charge in your immediate environment. Leaders activate leadership within themselves. As you demonstrate your professional skills in your work and duties, you contribute value to other people. The value you provide is determined by the quality of solutions you provide to peoples problems. 

Your knowledge and your skills are your way of showing kindness to your world.


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