Hey, I am the accidental worker and I heard you were The Paid Professional.

I should say “nice to meet you” but our paths cross too often without you realizing it, and sometimes you are too stuck up to notice.

PS, raise your head a bit when you are rushing to the office every morning and ask, “Do I want to do this stuff for the rest of my life?”

Oh, is that how you’re going to be? Feeling all high and mighty because you are a professional? You think you are better than me, don’t you?

Guess what, buddy, I have news for you, the law considers everyone who has done a particular job over a period of time with or without formal education as a professional and competent enough to give expert evidence.
Don’t believe me? Ask your lawyer.

The curse of professionalism is a daunting one.
You are stuck doing one thing for the rest of your life, doesn’t it get monotonous? Well, you are a professional after all, I am sure you are taught how to handle the boring parts.

Please say you are not, so I can have some semblance of happiness. Don’t mind me, I have evil tendencies.

Oh, don’t feel bad. An accidental worker is usually a person who gets stuck doing stuff for the money. Bouncing from one paycheck to paycheck, doing things to satisfy nothing but wallets and drinking addictions. I didn’t say that Jess Churchill did.

Hey! We have something in common, you get paid for doing stuff, I get paid for doing stuff.

A monkey at a circus may also be considered highly trained, and surprise it also gets paid for doing stuff. Yay, that’s disheartening; so all I am saying is, money is not the sole determinant of being a professional.

And repeating stuff every day makes you a monotonous professional, highly trained monkey.

That made you feel bad, didn’t it? You didn’t spend 5 or 7 years in the University for an unemployed guy to keep telling you stuff like this.

I apologize, I really do. Sometimes the words just spout off my keypad, blame that choice in the middle of the screen. It suggested “monkey”, I wanted to type person, but “monkey” came up.

Anyways, it’s imperative to understand that there is nothing wrong with being a worker, accidental or professional.

The only crime is when we assume that our paycheck distinguishes us from Accidental worker to Paid Professional.

While expertise and experience are central, our real jobs on earth are not just to live paycheck to paycheck, the good Lord made the world vast for a reason, travel it.

Be happy with whatever you are doing, don’t allow the negative thoughts get to you.

Find peace, create value that gives happiness and fulfilment, find that core that controls you.

And for the love of God please don’t be a stuck up, 2-bit paper pusher.

“Work the grand angel of labour which moulds the mind of man, steadies his hands, controls his brain, purines his passion, and strengthen his whole mental and physical being.”

If you think sitting down and praying to the God of heaven to open windows upon your life, you would be sitting for a long time. “He who does not work does not deserve food”.

If you think you are handicapped and deserve alms, well that’s what you think, who am I to change your mindset?

As you face your days, accidental professional worker, with the sun behind your back and wind in your nostrils, go the extra mile for the greater good of mankind.


About Guest Author

Meet Ndam Ponzing the accidental worker, creative writer, legal practitioner, and a proud Tarohk boy. Ndam Ponzing is a guest writer on the blog Shitoto.


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