What You Can Do To Top Up Your Professional Productivity

My experience as a lawyer and talent manager exposed me to simple things people can do to succeed at things they set their mind to do. I invite you to go through the following tips to help you top up your productivity in your professional field and watch your productivity level rise within a short time.

1. Project A Positive Mindset 

Belief is a success factor. What you believe in gives you the confidence to do extraordinary things. The Bible says it is done to you according to your faith. Your belief becomes your reality.  What you tell your self on a consistent basis have a significant effect on your self-image.

Professionals are faced with daunting times in their career at times and it could be discouraging.

If you tell yourself a positive statement “I can do it”, it stimulates you to do things. A negative statement also has an effect when you tell yourself “I can not”.

To develop a high level of self-confidence, you should influence your thoughts by suggesting to yourself what you want to become. What you hear, what you image, what you feel influences your actions and outcomes.

How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as weak and fearful or do you see yourself as strong and confident?

How you see yourself determines what you say to yourself, and what you say to yourself determines your actions and in effect determines your reality. The simple belief that you can and the actions you take helps improve your professional productivity level.

2. Have someone you are accountable to

What this means is to have an accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone who can give you honest feedback of your actions. An accountability partner is a person you trust and whose assessment of you is honest.

When you have someone you are accountable to for your self-growth, it helps you develop faster. It gives you a sense of responsibility and a motivation to do more. It helps you become aware that someone is watching you and tracking your growth.

The important thing about having an accountability partner is that person gives you feedback about your achievements and also tells you the truth about your failures.

An accountability partner can be your spouse, friend, mentor, boss, coach, professional colleague or anybody who you generally respect and have confidence in who will not be sentimental in their assessment.

An accountability partner has to be someone you regularly meet to discuss. It is important to have a scheduled meeting. This simple act of meeting that person who helps you track your development helps you have the consciousness of growth and it helps you do more to improve.

Some people are self-motivated and may not need anybody to track them, but many a time they look up to someone they want to measure up to or they have a spiritual side that guides them. That is why an accountability partner can be someone better than you who has already succeeded in what you are striving for.

An accountability partner is also someone who is in a position of influence in your life. Ensure you associate with people who have a positive influence in your life so that you will grow positively and not be caught up in a trap of dysfunctional or negative personality who may discourage you.

Find someone who has done something you want to achieve and let them help you grow professionally. Accountability partners serve as a motivation (cheerleader) and a coach.

Note that as much as an accountability partner gives you honest feedback, the purpose will be defeated if you do not give true facts about your activities.


3. Keep the Learning Curve going up

Another thing you need to do to make your professional productivity level going up is to up your learning curve. It is never too late to learn something new. There is no such thing as overlearning.

There is no end to learning. Something new comes up every day. You don’t get better by working harder and harder, you get better by getting smarter and smarter. You get smarter by learning something new in your profession.

There is always a better way of doing something. Find it. The world is changing every day and that is why yesterday’s knowledge can be obsolete today. Great organizations know this and ensure their staff is up to date by organizing refresher courses and training.

A good employer should consistently train employees. The question you should ask yourself if you are a boss is, “What is the implication of not training my staff?” It means it is your company that will suffer the loss by the less productivity of your staff.

As a professional, if your boss doesn’t train you, you should take that responsibility for yourself. Some bosses don’t care if you grow. If they need new people with skills they fire and hire new people with the relevant skill.

Take the step yourself and go for that course, acquire a new skill, attend that training seminar or conference and network with new people who are doing things you don't know how to do.

It is okay as a professional to leave a job where you see that the opportunity for growth is no longer feasible and seek somewhere else that match your productivity level.


4. Increase the Quality of your Product or Services 

Clients buy your products or services only because you make them feel confident about it. They don't care how you do it, but they need to feel it.

Give people quality products and service and it will equality boost your confidence. When you feel confident about your products and services, people will patronize you more. It helps you with your pricing also. People pay higher when they perceive high value.

People love to be hopeful about what they get from you. The confidence they see in you is what they buy. So the quality of your products and service automatically gives you confidence before your client and boost your productivity.

Ensure that what you give out are top quality products and services. It is of no benefit to you in the long run if you give inferior goods. The profit is in recurring sales.

5. Do More and Be More Productive

Experience makes you more confident and more productive. We become better when we do more. The more you gather experience in your profession the better you are and the more productive you are.

An expert was once a novice. They only became better because the continued to practice. Practice brings perfection and perfection brings confidence.

Of course, it's not a days job, but you must continue to do more. The fear of launching out will only limit your growth and reduce your productivity.

The way to be more productive in your profession is to step out and create new experiences. The more experienced you are the more confident you are and the more productive you become.

I hope you learnt something.

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