What are you an expert at? 
I heard this question from one of my online mentors. The question really got me thinking. That is why I ask you the same question. What are you an expert at? What can you do really well?

Every new month for me always was a time for reflection and planning.

My thoughts for the month among others borders on finding out what it is you really are good at? 
I’m not concerned with what you are not good at? A lot of people know what they are not good at more than what they can do. They think in the negative. They say I can’t sing, I can’t write, I can’t speak in public, I can’t dance. I can’t…

I want you to think about what you can do. I want you to focus on the things you are good at. It is from the known we get to the unknown.

You may not be certified an expert with what you are good at at the moment. But what you are good at is a key to know some other things. It is the key to add value to others. 
You will discover that when you are good at a particular skill it makes learning other skills easier.
For example, a skilled swimmer will make a better lifeguard, or a person who loves to draw and appreciates art will be a better graphic artist using a computer. 
A person skilled with the piano will find it easier to learn the guitar because the patience and discipline applicable to learn to play the piano is also applicable to the guitar.

Are you good at speaking convincingly to people? That skill may be needed at sales and marketing, in a law court room, or even as a preacher, etc.

Are you a good listener? There are thousands of people who need a listening ear. How do you feel when someone interrupts you when you are speaking? Trust me listening is a skill, people love to talk.

Can you cook? I love to eat good food.You can invite me over for dinner to enjoy a home-cooked meal.

One of my mentors once said good things comes to those who appreciate good things. If you appreciate good things you will attract people with the required skills who possess those things you need.

Are you a good writer? Some of us love reading good books.

Whatever it is you are good at someone out there needs what you have.

We are not all good at the same things you know.

While we develop the skill we have day by day we still learn new things one way or the other.

Here are some fun things I learnt while growing up: I learnt how to ride a bicycle when I was five. I learnt how to play the piano when I was eight. I learnt how to drive a car on the road when I was fifteen. When I was sixteen I learnt how to type proficiently. l learnt how to roller skate when I was twenty-five. At thirty I learnt how to write for blogs.

I’m learning to be a better writer, public speaker, and thought leader like my mentor friends like Brian Tracy, and Emeka Nobis. I’m still learning to be a better lawyer and advocate too.

Learning never ends right? We learn every day. At every stage in life there is something to learn.
I hope to learn how to fly a private airplane someday, or learn to cook Edikang Ikong and Afang soup popular among people from Akwa Ibom and Cross River states of Nigeria.  
After you learn you can earn. When you are good at what you do your skills become marketable. You can charge for your services.  
The thing is, just be good at what you do. Be an expert. But start with the little things you can do.

Have you learnt something today? Why not share what you have learnt or what you are learning.




  1. This is quite an interesting piece you have here, its obvious you are a deep minded person. But you forget to emphasize the role passion plays in skill acquisition, the fact that am a swimmer does not mean I will have the passion to be a life guard as you have mentioned. The fact that I can play a piano doesn't mean I will have the passion to learn to play a guitar. In my opinion what makes you an expert in whatever endeavour is the passion to continue to develop. When you learn without having the passion to learn you will never find fulfillment in whatever it is you have learnt to do.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. Passion is very important like you pointed out. In fact, very skilled people got to that level because of passion. Though what I actually pointed out in this post is the flexibility of acquiring new skills. My intention is to relate how easy it is to acquire new skills related to the one you already have. You know, knowledge never ends. A skill you have now makes acquiring an additional new skill easier. I hope you get my point.

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