Do You Want A Thriving Profession? Focus On Service!

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We are all called to serve one way or the other. Everyone is called to service in every professional interaction.

The things you do, the skills you have, and the profession you are in is your call to service.

What do you have?

The way you are and what you do is the answer to someone else prayer.

One person wants to be a doctor and another needs a doctor.

One person wants to be a lawyer, and another needs a lawyer.

Another person wants to eat some sweet cake others desires to bake.

Well, the list is endless, we all need one another. We are all called to serve one way or the other. Who you are is what someone else needs.

We can’t all be teachers, but someone needs to be a teacher.

We can’t all be soldiers, but someone needs to defend our country.

Someone grinds the flour, the baker needs.

The mechanic fixes your car because you need to drive out without hitches.

The reason you are good at what you do is that someone needs what you can offer.

As a professional, your work serves another person. That’s the reason why you are to be the best of yourself.
We survive by sharing.

Your gift to the world is the time you have invested in developing yourself which you can now share.

If you want to be great you have to develop what you have and doing that requires time.

Invest in yourself because you are an accumulation of all the things you have deposited inside you and it is this accumulation of what you have inside you that you give out.

It is what you offer that people pay for and that is your service to humanity.

We are not all the same, that is why we need each other. That is how we serve each other.

Share what you have with the world even if what you have is a simple article like this one you are reading, perhaps someone will be inspired

In the past, we trade by barter. Now, we trade by sharing.

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