Loyalty comes with its price and rewards. It is a big issue when loyalty is lost because it is difficult to regain. A close word to loyalty is trust. They are like twin brothers. You gain trust by being loyal. Who you are loyal too trusts you. 
Loyalty is devotion and faifulness to a cause, country, group, or person. 
Most of the conflicts that arises out of relationships arises as a result of disloyalty. Dual loyalty is a problem. You cannot serve two masters at the same time. 
Loyalty is synonymous with fidelity, in service, in love, or to an oath that one has made. 
The direction of loyalty is outwards. Loyalty to lover, country, friends, group, family, and employer. It forms the basis of interpersonal relationships. Loyalty in relationships is very important. That is to be faithful to the oath, the obligation, or the engagement. 
Loyalty is an internal moral characteristics. Though loyalty is a choice, the paramount thing is that you chose to be loyal because of love for the other. 
Loyalty that is impossed by law is done only out of obligation to avoid punishment. 
The real expression of loyalty is loyalty that comes out of love, dedication, and commitment, which is good and healthy. 
Just like in love relatipnships, the success of an organisation is built on loyalty. An atmosphere of trust and friendships. This is an environment where employees will go the extra mile for their employer. This kind of atmosphere will require less supervision because there is trust. The quality of team work and passion for others in this kind organisation is extreem. 
Of course successful organisations reward their workers loyalty always. An employee finds fulfilment in his work where he is loyal to. He realises he is part of something big. That is, the vision of the organisation is also a vision for himself.  It is not how much money he earns but how much joy he derives from his work. 
In as much high praise we have for loyalty, loyalty can be taken too far. 

“Loyalty is only a virtue to the extent that the object of loyalty is good.” ~John Corvino 

How far can loyalty be taken? 
We have what is called misplaced loyalty. When loyalty placed in other persons or organisations is not acknowledged or respected, is betrayed, or taken advantaged of. 
A phenomenum like this when people stick to the deal even though it has changed for the worse. 
Loyalty is earned. It is built over time. This is because the parties fulfill their promise, are faithful to their promise and faithful to the cause. 
The eternal principle of life is that whatever you give, you will receive even more.
A company makes profit because of loyalty. A good leader will ensure that its members follow his lead. Followership is a direct result of good leadership.
 Customers who are loyal to a company makes money for the company. The company will do anything to maintain this loyalty. 
That is what it means to take advantage of brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is where people will stick to their chosen brand despite competitive brands. 
To maintain brand loyalty, customer engagement is important. Loyal customers will market for you. So, reward your customers adequately. In order to maintain this status, organisations and companies must do their part to sustain the loyalty bond it has with its customers. A dissatisfied customer can easily leave. 
 A country’s leader must continue to do what is favourable for its people or else he can loose his place. 
What we should know is that loyalty is a two way thing. It is a sure way to harmony. 

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