Power of a Positive Mindset During Times of Hardship

What does it mean to have a positive mindset and how can it help you during times of growth?

The year 2020 was one of the most challenging years in the modern world. The world was practically shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People were forced to stay at home and many people lost jobs. Businesses that do not have an online presence suffered a lot. A lot of people suffered from hunger.

This kind of challenge can be depressing and can make a lot of people lose hope of the future. But how can one go through such a phase in life and still remain strong. One can only do this with a positive mindset.

What is a positive mindset?

A positive mindset is a sense of an optimistic approach to life and the resilience to go through tough times with a cheerful and grateful attitude despite the challenges and expecting a good outcome of events at all times.

A positive mindset looks with the vision of hope and a positive outlook on life. It does not mean to ignore the bad things but it looks at the bright side of people and events and see the best in it.

A positive mindset is better than a negative mindset. You cannot have a negative mindset and expect a positive result and you can not have a positive mindset and have a negative result.

A positive mindset is backed up by a positive attitude. One of the best books I’ve read is the book Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude by Dale Carnegie and W. Clement Stone. The book presents two powerful forces of the mind. The positive mental attitude (PMA) and the negative mental attitude (NMA). PMA is where you want to be. In that book, you will learn the power of a Positive Mental Attitude and how it can help you have a positive attitude towards your finances, health, work, and relationships.

A positive mindset is about developing good thoughts. Your thoughts are important when it comes to developing the right attitude to life.

How we see the world depends on how we think. If you look with the lens of good you will see good. Equally, bad or negative thoughts produce negative results.

How do you approach life with a positive mindset?

The way we approach things matters a lot. A positive mindset looks at the bright side of things. It is as a matter of choice and not dependent on circumstances. One does not allow circumstances to determine one’s attitude, but, with a positive mental attitude decide to look for the best way out.

It means that you respond with a cheerful smile on your face even when things don’t go the way you expected. It does not mean you ignore negative situations, it means you decide to take control of the situation.

A positive mindset looks at the circumstances and is grateful no matter if things are good or bad. It means that you get back up even when life knocks you down.

This kind of attitude is an attitude of growth. You can only grow when you focus on growth. Growth can only happen when your mindset sees the opportunity presented as an avenue to grow.

Life can hit you hard but you have to channel the energy directed at you to achieve the results you seek. Things may not go the way you expected but the way you respond matters.

A positive mindset helps you see the diamond in the rough. A positive mindset sees the good in everywhere situation and it’s mindful and aware of the bad and it’s not willing to allow the bad win. So, when a person or things look not like what you expect, you need to look deeper to see the good in there.

If life throws stones at you, use the stones to build a fortress.

Does it mean you ignore the challenges of life?

What you should know is that the fire within you should burn hotter than the heat around you. That is the way to overcome the heated battles around you. But you need to focus on the problem and not the obstacles that are thrown at you.

The obstacles are only a distraction. The goal is to solve the problem. If you can focus, the solution will come as you put effort into taking action on the little things you can do to scale through. Keep going. Stay strong. Stay motivated.

What affects most people is that when they see challenges, they look away from the problem and see the challenges. The challenges or obstacles looks scary and dangerous, so most people lose hope, they are afraid and get depressed. Some give up too soon.

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth. Losers focus on failure. Winners focus on making improvements on the things they failed at along the way.

How long can you wait to overcome?

You see, a tree may be temporarily unproductive, but if you keep nurturing the tree, it will bear fruit in the long run. Also, when a tree begins to bear fruit, it does it in seasons. You won’t get fruits when it is not the season for fruits. But with patience, in due time you see fruits again. The attitude here is patience.

Life has its seasons. So, patience is a virtue here. You must wait for the time of fruitfulness. What you do during the time of waiting is significant to the results you get later. You won’t cut down the tree, and you won’t abandon the tree when it has not started producing? With expectation, you wait for its time.

You also need the heart to persist here also. Persistence pays more in the long run. Some victories are not won with the first blow. It takes more blows to win.

Some situations require constant action before results are seen. Action produces results no matter what. so, it is pertinent to know that if the result you seek is not the one you have been getting, the there is the need to try different moves until you find the one that wins.

Therefore, persist until you succeed.

How does a positive mindset affect you work?

A positive mindset helps you make better decisions. When your work gets stressful and you are faced with a daunting task, a calm and clear mind is what you need to go through that tough time.

As a leader, you won’t want to look rough and out of control. You need to stay calm and inspire hope for your followers. You need to control the situation and remain focused and it will help your performance. In fact, it will help you get better productivity.

In your professional life, there could be a time when you are not producing. It’s your waiting period. At this time what is happening inside you is better than what you see outside. It is a time of learning new things or it could be a time of developing something new.

What makes you attractive and strong, is the attitude you put up to inspire hope in others. Take failure as a lesson and an opportunity to learn new things. Speak well of your self and others. Show some love and kindness. Be determined to succeed. Be happy and put up a smile on your face.

Don’t give up. Stay strong. And keep moving.

Your best days are yet to come, but you must wait for it. You should wait with a positive mental attitude.

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