MY BOSS IS A MONSTER BUT I LOVE HER – How to deal with cruel bosses

The path to professionalism is a process. It is not an easy process I must say. Everyone was once a novice and they had to go through the grind to get to the top of their profession.

On that journey to professionalism, you’ll meet lots of characters in the form of bosses. This post talks about how you can deal with the kind of boss you have.

My first boss was a gentle soul. He never pressured me to do any work. He will literally say “please can you do this for me?” Even though he had the power to command me to do anything for him he still asked politely.

He was always nice to me and never ceases to encourage me. He always asks about my welfare.

Most of the things I learnt from him were out of my sheer will to learn. Though I didn’t earn much from him I learn from him things money can’t buy.

I learnt the heart of leadership and emotional intelligence.

He never forces me to learn anything I only need to ask to learn what I want to know.

He rewards a good job with an encouraging smile, you get the pat on the back feeling, and you get something generous, at least something worth going for a good lunch with.

My second boss was a definition of cruel and wicked. She was a monster. She doesn’t care about me or my welfare.  All she cared about is you getting the job done. And not only that, you must get things done her way.

She was quick to give instructions and she didn’t care if you got what she said. You don’t have to ask questions. You just did what she says you should do.

Of course, you’ll make mistakes. Why won’t you make mistakes? And yes she has an excuse to scold you for doing the job unsatisfactorily. I found myself struggling.

With her, I forced myself to learn. It was not fun like my first boss. I made lots of mistakes but then I learnt the hard way.

Well, she paid me more than my first boss but she was not as gentle as my first boss. Though I learnt a lot from her, what I learnt most was not to be like her.

I learnt to multitask. I learnt to be quick. I learnt to be decisive.

As much as I disliked her, I loved what I learnt from her.

Well, she didn’t reward my efforts with a pat on the back or free lunch or some pocket change. She only rewards you with a stern look and says “you can do better”.

My third boss is me. I am my own boss. I don’t need a boss to get things done anymore.

I get off my bed every morning with the mind that I can do what I set my mind to do.

I lead me. I lead others.

I lead myself out every morning ready to face the day, my bosses, and life.

Despite the good and the bad, I went through in the hands of my monster bosses, I still get up every morning with expectation.


Is it because of what I learn from them or is it what I earned?

All l know is I go out every morning to do my part in the whole spectrum of things.

I look myself in the mirror and I see him. I see the boss, the paid professional.

I do my best work. Though I fail sometimes. I win at other times. I still try again. But I must do my grind today.

When I succeed, I smile. “Yes, we did it!”

Yes, we did it because I couldn’t have done it alone. I wouldn’t have done it without the knowledge I got from my first and second bosses.

They both contributed to my success.

You can also learn from your monster bosses if you’ll only focus on the learning. It is only a matter of time before you go pro.

The path of the paid professional is all a process. Sometimes rough and tough, and at other times it is fun and joy.

Do all you can. Be the boss.

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