How You Can Do More By Doing Less

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You may ask the question how can one do more by doing less? I will tell you how in this post. Just keep reading.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had so much to do and you tried to do so much because you had very little time? I am sure many of you have been in that situation. The sad truth is that most of the time you ended up doing less when you tried to do everything all at once. I will show you a few steps to take to actually achieve more by doing less work.

1. Know what you want to achieve

The thought of what you want to do alone is a very big step. Many people don’t know what they want, so, they end up not going anywhere or not doing anything.

Knowledge of what you want to do is the first sttep in giving you a direction to take. It gives you a sense of purpose and clarity. If you have the picture in your mind, you can get there physically.

Have you every seen someone who wakes up in the morning, get prepared, and step out of his door and heads to no where in particular? That person must be insane or doesn’t have any future plans.

Knowing is not enough, you must do more. Which brings us to our next point.

2. Have A Plan of Action

In order for you to do more by doing less, you must have a plan. Knowledge of what you want is the first step, a plan will give you a course to follow. In order words, have a goal.

A plan of action has two things in it. The first thing in it is the A plan, the second is Action.

When you have a plan of action you are already doing two things at the same time. A plan is in motion, and you are already taking action steps.

I am always fascinated by aeroplanes and how they navigate the airspace. One very important thing you notice about pilots before they go airborne is that they have a flight plan. Without a flight plan, you will not go anywhere. A pilot must have a flight plan and that is what the flight tower will need to guide its flight course to its destination. A flight plan or a flight path will prevent two plans from crashing mid-air. so, every plane you see flying across the sky has a flight plan that the pilot follows.

As a professional, you need a work plan, a day plan, or any kind of plan at all. Just simply have a plan.

Before I go to the next point, it is not bad to have a plan A-Z. If A fails, go to B. Keep going until something works. Fail forward.

3. Do More Piece by Piece

In order to do more, many people try to do a lot of things at the same time, and that is why they fail. The truth is, you actually do more if you break your actions into smaller bits and achieve each task one after the other.

If you want to build a wall, you cannot avoid laying one break before the other. If you try to lump the whole bricks all at once at the same time you will only have a rubble in front of you.

The same applies to anything you want to do. Take it one piece at a time.

The biggest book I ever read from beginning to end was the bible. It took me a while but I finished it. How did I do it? One verse, one chapter, one page at a time. That’s how it is done.

The big picture to finish the task is enormous, but the steps to take is one piece at a time.

The same with learning a new skill. You can’t jump from amateur to amazing in one day.

You start from the basics, then you move to complicated stuff. The most difficult is the beginning. But when you get a hang of it, it becomes easier and enjoyable.

If you can record your performance at each stage of the learning process, it will be great. This is because when you look back you will notice the improvement. In fact, you will appreciate how far you have gone when you look back on the journey so far. You will take a look at your before and after and you will know the difference.

The muscles in our brain and in our bodies grow faster when it is built chunk by chunk. Do more by doing less.

4. Celebrate Your Success Before You Do More

At each touchpoint, give your self a break and celebrate your achievement. This will help you to savour the moment and prepare for the next step of actions.

Celebrating each victory gives you something to look forward to. Each step all the way you know there is something ahead for you.

Each little victory is a motivation to do more.

Remember, when you have so much to do, just start.

Author: Moses Kehinde Ibiyeye

Kehinde Ibiyeye is a Lawyer, Blogger, and Talent Manager. He is passionate about helping people improve and develop their skills and use it to earn a living.

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