How To Be Consistent In Content Creation

The Truth about being better at content creation.

In every content creation or writing class, it is said that the key to better content creation is consistency.

As a content creator, the more you create, the easier it gets.

How often you create content determines how good you become. The more you create the more you want to do it every day. What you do now becomes a joy. This now becomes a daily activity.

So, what is content creation and how can you become consistent?

What content creation is

It simply means to create new content in the form of text, images and infographics, video, audio or any format that help you put across your ideas, interests, and information you want people to get.

So, anything you see online or offline is content.

Also, the process of seeing content can be called content marketing.

What content marketing is mainly concerns content shared to educate, inspire, inform, and open the eyes of people to what is going on in your profession or business.

In other words, it is all about sharing valuable content.

So, content can be seen through different channels like on a blog like this one, through social media sites like Facebook or on Instagram among many others.

Other channels can be your WhatsApp status, Twitter, Pinterest, email, or whatever medium you chose. The primary idea is that you have an audience that will see it.

So, as a content writer, one of the major challenges you face is how to create new content. The situation of not knowing what to write about is popularly called writers' block.

Simply put, the only way to defeat the demon called writers' block is to pick up your pen or get on your computer keyboard and write.

I mean, just write!

What do you write about as a content writer?

In short, write anything down. Just keep writing.

Have a note where you write down things.

You must have heard that saying that you cannot give what you do not have right? Yes, your thinking might be how to keep the flow on creating what to write every day.

You know, Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks (Holy Bible). I tell you, out of the abundance of your heart you create new content.

so, as a content creator, your inspiration comes from everywhere. You should fill your mind with every available content you can get. In this business, you cannot do it alone. Every one shares content in one form or the other.

In other words, read everything you can lay your hands upon. Read from other blogs. Check out what people are creating.

See, I do not mean you should copy people's content word for word. I'm sure you want to avoid a copyright lawsuit. What I mean is you can get an idea what to write from others.

That is, what are people searching for? Find out the questions people are asking. What are they saying on their timelines? View status and profiles of people. You will find out what people are ranting about.

What are the questions people are asking? If you can get the answers to those questions, give it out.

Do this, go on google, try to key in some words, you will see google complete the words. That there is keyword research on google in a simple way. or any keyword research tool will help you.

The truth is there is hardly any original content out there. We get content to create from others. Many of what you see online is content that has been recycled.

How do you get your own content out of your head?

What you can do is to get creative by looking within you. Use your head.

What I mean is get on your table, hold a pen in your hands, feel that pen in your hands, close your eyes, stay quiet for a few minutes and imagine what you want to create.

See it in your mind's eye and imagine what it will look like. Open your eyes and go for it. Pour it all out.

Content creators write in different ways. Some people think about the headline of a writeup, put pen on paper and allow the content flow without actually thinking about what the next line will be. It just flows.

That means, with a good headline, you can write your content with a direction and purpose and fulfil what you promised on your headline. However, headlines help capture your audience, but the body of the work is where the details are.

However, the headline of your work helps people to notice you before they read your work. So, I'll advise you to write your headline before the body of the work though. A good headline helps you stay focused on what you are writing.

In most instances, people think about what to write for days before they write anything. They now follow up with some research before they put anything down.

The key to creating content is to try not to be perfect in your first draft. In other words, try your best to put your content out in the raw form from your mind as much as you can, and then edit your work later.

Like I said before, there are different kinds of content. Not everyone writes. What if you are a graphic designer? Or a model?

See an example of how a beautiful lady goes about her content creation

For instance, you must have seen a picture of that beautiful lady you admire on social media. She posts very beautiful pictures of herself almost on a daily basis right? How consistent is she?

Simply put, she is a consistent content creator.

Why? She puts her pictures consistently showing her beautiful face for more likes every day and admiration from her audience. That is what content creation is all about.

What you don't know is that before she puts any picture up online she must have taken several pictures of her self trying different angles to get that perfect picture worth sharing.

When she gets that perfect picture, she shares it and everyone goes wow!

Professional photographers also take several shots of an image before they get the one that fits the purpose they intend for it.

No gets it on the first trial in content creation. When you try to be perfect on your first draft it only slows you down. The easiest way to get your content out is to pour out as much as you can.

The best writers say write every day. That is just the secret.

You can edit your work anytime after you have that first draft down.

The process of editing your work is like sieving through the dirt to get the gold out.


I will conclude by saying this, once you make the creation process fun and enjoyable, you will not worry about what to put out consistently. You only need to see that what you are giving out is acceptable and what people want.

If you can do this every day, you will not lack for content. You will have what to put out on a consistent basis.

The most important thing is to share valuable content that people will enjoy and benefit from. And you will not lack an audience if you are ready to dish out more always.

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