I heard a preacher talk about what it means to be fruitful. From his explanation, he said, to be fruitful means to add one more. He explained fruitfulness to mean adding one more layer to what already is.

If you are fit to go 1 mile, what stops you from trying to go 2 miles?

The secret of increase in productivity is having the ability to add to your current state of productive capacity.

The quality of the advancing man is that man who at every material time is always improving himself, and he is willing to be more than he was before.

Learning is a continuous process.

To be a productive professional you must be constantly improving.

A research says that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to develop mastery in any field. So, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

When I started learning how to play the piano, it was required I practised every day. I discovered that each day I practised, I always learnt something new.

In the legal profession as well as the medical profession among many other professions, you’ll often hear the word “Practice”. It’s common to hear that one is in Private or Public practice.

The professional life in itself is a practice. That is to mean it is something you do continuously. It’s a daily thing.

By default, a professional must do his craft daily to keep on the practice.

You know, each day, when you add something new to what you learnt previously, it makes learning something new easier.

It’s the reason why doing something new every day in your field helps you become better.

I made it a point of duty to every day do something to better myself. I ensured I read a line of a book in my field and also I read the bible for inspiration every day.

A little here and there you will discover you have gone far.

People always fret at the idea of a five-year plan or a twenty-year plan. Thinking it’s too long a duration to set a goal. They fail to even try.

A twenty-year plan is simply done by breaking your goals into small chunks of specific and achievable daily activities.

Step by step, days run into a month, months runs into a year, a year runs into five years, five years run into twenty years.

It is just all about your daily grind.

You can be a better professional. So, do not give up on the slight resistance.

A resistance is only a sign that you are attempting something new.

If you follow these simple ideas I’ve shared above, in no time you will have achieved much.


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