EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE – Key To Professional Success

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Everything has a price of an effort. That which you want to do, have, and become has a price of an effort.

That which you want to see accomplished most often than not will not appear on you doorstep by itself.
The man (or woman) who can raise his hand to say I will do it or is willing to go the extra mile is the man who everyone is looking for. That man that will despite all odds says I CAN. Such a man is who we all seek to be and seek to meet in all relationships in life. 
Whatever the kind of relationship between people, whether in business, in politics, in employer employee relationship, and even in an intimate love relationship, the world seeks that man who will say I can do it. That man who will say I AM it.The man ready to take responsibility.
How do you recognise such a man? 

First, it is the man who believes he can do it. He has a knowledge of himself to the extent that he believes there is such a power in him that drives him to accomplish anything he sets his mind to.
It is such a man who knows that the fire in him cannot keep still because it goads him on to take action on what he wants to do. 

Second way to recognise that man both in yourself or in others is COURAGE. The man brave enough to start things. The man courageous enough to stand out. 
Everyone here and there has ideas but the man who starts things is man who wins. 
Ideas remain in itself an idea if it is not acted upon. Like a seed, an idea needs to be planted to grow. 
The seed remains a seed except it is planted. To see the potential of a seed it must be acted upon.
Life is simply like a seed, you must make a move to grow.
The man who also has this next tool is such a man we seek.
 The most powerful tool of accomplishment you need as a matter of course is FAITH. Faith in your ability to move on despite imminent impossibility. The believe in the invincible. The hope of a future. This is the third way to recognise such a man who will go far in life. A man of faith.
Faith is such a power that lifts you up when life pulls you down. That faith the substance of hope.
The faith in you as little and small as a mustard seed is all you need as the scriptures puts it.
The greater part of men who have lived in all fields of endeavour who are doing such a thing you are doing now did what they did because they think they CAN.
Realise that you have what achievers of the past had and you also can do what they did. You have access to the same strength which they had inside them and you also can pull from it.
Yesterday is gone, today is a blank book you can fill with history.
Remember, you have it in you. Believe in that power that is in you, make the moves by taking initiative, and have the courage to pull through.
Remember, everything comes with the price of an effort. To be a successful professional you must make the move to be that pro.

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