Why You Need To Start Acting On Your New Year Goals – Don’t Just Sit There!

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You may begin to wonder, do you really need to set goals, make plans and make new year resolutions?

Why do we need to make plans and goals?

After all, at the start of the new year, we all return to our old habits and old lifestyle.

How can making plans and setting goals to chart a new course for our life help?

I stopped making new year resolutions some years back. It doesn't work for me. I prefer to set goals instead.

Like I said earlier, we all return to old habits, old lifestyle, old job, etc. What makes a difference really is the direction you take.

At the end of the previous year, we concluded by appreciating the things we achieved and also had to face our failures.

The fact is we achieved much, and also we failed in some things.

What will make a difference in the new year is if you begin to imagine and see differently, and notice what difference you can make at the end of the new year (Your vision).

As you begin to imagine what the new year will be like and see what you can do differently, ask yourself honestly, “what did I fail at?”, “what can I do differently to correct my mistakes?”

A new year is only a new timeline.

What makes a difference is the new goals we set.

A goal is simply a target.

You may have had goals in the past year that did not come to pass.

As you evaluate your new goals you need to ask yourself genuinely what stopped you from reaching your goals.

As you make adjustments on your focus your new goals take perspective.

This is where it is necessary to write your goals down. You shouldn't underestimate the power of writing your goals and action steps down.

Writing things down has a psychological effect on you and also activates your subconscious mind to work for you.

The final step is to begin taking actions.

Don't delay one bit. Start taking action steps immediately.

No matter how little the action you take,  it brings you closer to and helps direct you towards your goals.

Why do you need to do this?

The written goals you set for the year and the action steps you take helps you to adjust and aligns you with the goals you set.

Do not belittle the little action steps.

What makes a difference are the little adjustments you make to your actions.

Do you remember the story of the Wright brothers who succeeded in flying a plane?

What made a difference in helping them succeed was a little adjustment they made in their actions.

The Wright brothers were not the only ones trying to fly a plane. What made them successful was that they had an idea to attach movable flaps with a particular design to the edges of the wings of the plane.

This little move made them able to control and maintain the plane's equilibrium during flight. That little change made them succeed.

What made you fail in the past is only an indication that you need a different action step to succeed.

The details are in the little things you add to make a whole lot of difference.

So, take massive actions. Make moves.

If you hesitate you could end up being caught up in the procrastination trap.

What will make a difference in your professional life now is the goals you set, the plans you execute, and the number of actions you take.

Take charge of your life and you will have a glorious year.

Take action.

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