A little story

So today I watched as Johnny tried to start his car and it refused to start. He tried everything, yet it won’t start. He initially taught it was just the battery. He changed the car battery. Yet the car won’t start. At this point Johnny decided to call the mechanic. He explained to the mechanic the situation of the car.

The mechanic asked series of questions to ascertain the state of the car. The mechanic was able to give some diagnosis over the phone. He asked Johnny to check this and that. He finally asked Johnny to check the fuse box under the bonnet.

After checking through some of the fuses, Johnny discovered one of the fuses was burnt. Apparently it was an electrical problem. After he changed the burnt fuse, he turned the ignition and the car came alive with a roar.


Just then I thought to myself, see how little things matters. This fuse is a rectangular blade type that has two push-in connectors linked by a thin fuse wire. It was this thin fuse wire that was cut.

Are you a leader, a parent, a lover, a business man or an investor, a sports man, or generally a professional in your field? Every little thing you do matters. Every little effort you make matters. Every person you meet matters. A janitor in a big office with over a thousand people matters to that office.

 Big things are only little things put together.

You should think of this when you are faced with a big task. The big task is only a group of little things put together. Being overwhelmed by a big task is only an excuse to be lazy. 
The one little secret of business success is to do one thing at a time. Focus on that one thing and do it well.

Every step you make takes you closer to your goals. Stay positive minded. Stay focused on your dreams. A little thought, a little word, a little action, and a little character you display can change your life forever.

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