5 Tricks To Stimulate Your Goal Achievement This Year.

I learnt this 5 simple tricks to help you achieve your goals this year and I thought I should share it with you.

To achieve anything you desire in life there are steps you need to take to make your goals come to reality easily.

They are simple principles which when applied will help you get what you want.

The process begins with:

1. Knowing exactly what you want

Know what you precisely want and desire, and ask for it gladly. The force of the universe will only give you what you ask for. The God force will only give you what you ask for. All you just need to do is to be clear about what you want.

Knowing precisely what you want acts like a compass giving you a direction to where you want to go. We cannot ask for an apple and expect an orange.

2. Focus your mind

Focus your mind on the things you desire with great expectation. A focused mind does not waver in its expectations.
Knowing what you want and focusing your mind on that thing ensures that you precisely get what you want. A stable mind ensures clarity of intent and purpose.

3. Feel good

Feel as if you already have the object of your desire in your hands. Be filled with joy, enthusiasm and a heart of gratitude as if you have your request already granted. This singular act is evidence of a high level of faith.

When you focus your mind on the objects of your desire with a feeling of already having it, unseen forces acts on our behalf to bring about the actualization of our desires. Feeling good opens our hearts to receive everythings we ask of life.

4. Be open

We must allow ourselves to receive the things we want. By simply allowing, we give the impression that we trust the force working on our behalf. By letting go of every inhibition we free ourselves to go with the flow of life. This attitude takes away the struggle to do things by our own strength.

When we open ourselves to receive, it says we have confidence in the force at work in us. When we expect a thing, we allow our hearts to be receptive to ideas and suggestions.

5. Take action

This is the point where we take action on the ideas and suggestions that spring forth from our super-conscious mind. It comes like a feeling to do and act on the hunches we feel at the moment. At this point we put hesitancy and procrastination aside and take inspired actions.

Taking action on the things that comes to your mind at the precise moment it comes brings you a step ahead of achieving your goals. Things do not just happen by chance. When we move, providence moves with us.

So, these are the 5 simple steps you can make to achieve your goals this year. As simple as they are, they are powerful steps that can change your life.

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