Below is a combination of skills relevant today in your professional career. They are 24 skills needed to stand you out in your professional work place.
 These 24 skills also represent 24 hours of the day in which you can apply these skills to be productive.

 These set of skills are not set in any particular order of priority. They are all equally relevant.

These skills are as follows:

1. Critical thinking and analysis of written document

2. Creative writing

3. Problems solving ability

4. Conversational/articulation abilities

5. Investigation/Research

6. Organization/management

7. Time management

8. Team work

9. Interpersonal relationship

10. Communication abilities

11. Empathy

12. Attention to details

13. Honesty and integrity

14. Ambition

15. Pro-activity

16. Good self-image

17. Enthusiasm and Energy

18. Individuality

19. Good sense of humour

20. Technological affinity

21. Project management

22. Financial intelligence

23. Emotional intelligence

24. Optimism/faith.

These are my top 24 most sought out skills and abilities most employers look out for among professionals.

Among these 24 skills, choose your 6 most recognizable skill. Among the 6 skills, identify 3 skills that come naturally for you. The 3 skills are your most marketable skills.

  Make a decision to develop these skills in your professional career. It will help single you out among your colleagues. Any identifiable skill you seem to be weak at, seek to develope it.

Feel free to suggest any other skill in the comment section you know.

Thank you for reading.

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