Try Being an Entrepreneur vs Being Stuck as a Wantrepreneur

I learnt a new word called wantrepreneur which I added to my vocabulary. 

It’s not a conventional word you’ll find in the dictionary but I saw it mentioned by someone on LinkedIn. I did a little digging to know what it means.

Simply put, a wantrepreneur is a person who wants to do something creative and profit by it but never gets to do it.

They are very good procrastinators. They act only when they feel like.

Wantrepreneur is a wannabe Entrepreneur.

Unlike an entrepreneur who is a creator of jobs and a risk-taker who sees a challenge where others see problems, a wantrepreneur is typically afraid of taking a risk.

Wantrepreneurs have lots of brilliant ideas they never execute. For one reason or the other while waiting for perfect conditions time is lost and opportunities are gone.

While it is because of entrepreneurs that we have advancement in society, wantrepreneurs are good dreamers but they never contribute their ideas to the world. They never act on their dreams.

Wantrepreneurs take their ideas to the grave. They may make a few moves in an attempt to pursue their purpose but at any little obstacle they give up. They remain a wannabe. 

Entrepreneurs Are Action-Oriented 

Entrepreneurs are go-getters. They stick to their purpose until they achieve it.

Many times we fall down, but we need to get up again.

Successful people have failed before, but what made them winners was that they saw failure as a seed to a greater benefit.

If you can fix a problem you will get many loyal customers.

Entrepreneurs fix problems, that is why they are making money from so many challenges in the world today that need fixing.

Entrepreneurs see what others don’t see and they do something about what they see. They take action. If you keep waiting and not doing you become a wantrepreneur.

Do you want to be somebody? To be your own boss? We all have fantastic ideas that need to be shared right?

But do you really want to succeed? Do you think you can? Can you go the extra mile to get what you want?

Then cross over from wanting to doing.

Just to let you know. I had the idea to start blogging in 2010 but I never go it started until 2016. What was I waiting for? I didn’t know how to start, I was scared, and I thought it was too big to start.

Eventually, I started this blog. I wished I started 6 years ago. I’m not yet where I want to be but I’m glad I took the first steps.

Cease being a wantrepreneur. Start something today.
Professionals are doers.

If you don’t know how to start with your idea ask someone. 

Author: Moses Kehinde Ibiyeye

Kehinde Ibiyeye is a Lawyer, Blogger, and Talent Manager. He is passionate about helping people improve and develop their skills and use it to earn a living.

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