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In the Paid Professional Blog today we will talk about the value of a smile.

Do you carry your smile with you everywhere you go? If you do, great. If you don’t, you are missing out on something valuable.

Do you greet everyone you meet with this free gift on the face? If you don’t you need to start now. You want to know why? 

A man with a smiling face is seen to be more competent than a man with a frown on his face. 

An easy way to create the first impression is by the quality of the expression you put on your face.

In Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, in the section on 6 ways to make people like you, the author mentioned ‘SMILE’. He said it is the best way of creating a good first impression.

Scientifically, it takes more muscles to frown and fewer muscles to put a smile on the face. Why do you think babies look happy and carefree about everything? 

Why do you think a baby’s face is so irresistible? Babies don’t need to do anything, they only cry when hungry or in discomfort.

I met a man I used to know a while back with his seven-year-old daughter a few days ago. The last time I saw him, his daughter was still a little baby. She is now a little grown. What struck me was the way this young girl smiled. 

I’m not sure she knew who I was or anything like that but the way she smiled made me think she was more excited to see me than I was to see them. For sure I felt elated and out of the ordinary, I felt happier than I met them. 

Do you wonder what such power a little smile can do to a person?  Who benefits more from a smiling face? Is it the giver or the receiver? You can answer this question in the comment section at the end of this post.

What I know is that when I see a smile, I always felt better no matter what my current mood is. And really, when I give a smile, I know I feel at ease.

If I could not resist the power of the smiling little girl who was not expecting anything from me but who was just being her natural self, I wonder what it will be like in my business. 

In my profession, I get to meet people all the time. Some people come to you with problems they need you to solve. Though you need to put a straight face to pay attention to them, you also need to give them a smile of reassurance here and there that things will be fine.

If you really care to know how powerful a smile is, do a smile challenge. 

When you go out today, smile more. Smile to total strangers and notice the effect. Smiling makes people welcome you.

If you need to rehearse your smile do it. Go in front of a mirror and give yourself a smile. Literarily force a smile on your face. Try to crack the mirror with your smile.

I’m sure when you are done with this exercise you will feel better about yourself. I’ll call it the Million Dollar smile challenge. 

Smile to everyone you meet as if you just won a million dollars. 

As a professional in your field, in your day to day dealings with people put that smile on your face. It adds more value to the quality of your relationship with people. 

In fact, it adds value to your competence. It gives the impression that you are confident and you are comfortable doing your work.

Do you know that people notice you smiling when you talk on the phone? Surprised? Give it a try. Your smile shows in your voice even when you talk on the phone. 

For a lady, a smile is the best makeup she can wear on her face. It doesn’t matter if you have makeup on or not, a beautiful lady is known by the expression she carries on her face.

A charming smile is the best attraction factor a man notices in a lady. 

In business, a smiling face is the best attraction factor for new customers. I heard of a Chinese proverb that says “A man without a smiling face, must not open a shop”. I think this is the best ancient secret to increased sales in a business. 

A smile signals quality and assurance of reliability. 
Your smile is a tool, it can make ways for you. In carrying out your professional duties, use your smile as a mirror to show people. People will feel better about you because you made them feel good about themselves.

Your smile tells people you like them and you value their person when you see them.

There is this colleague of mine from another law office that comes to visit our office, his smile comes into the room first before I see him. This is because I notice myself smiling even before he turns to my direction. Automatically, I just find myself smiling. He is always excited when he comes in and he pours the same excitement on all of us.

I once heard someone say, fake the smile if possible to make it happen. Though I appreciate giving or receiving a genuine quality smile, because when I see a fake smile I kind of know. I feel a smile should come from within you. Anyway, whether fake or genuine, give it anyway. Just fake it to make it.

To help you give a genuine smile, try thinking of a child’s face, or remember a beautiful experience. Just think of something that genuinely makes you happy. You will bring up a smile instantly. You can tweak your brain to help you bring out a genuine smile immediately.

For those who understand how the mind works, our thoughts are always reflected by our bodies. What the mind thinks about the body reflects. We become what we think about. If we think happy thoughts we become happy. 

Remember, a smile fosters good relationships. I remember taking a selfie with my significant other and she says “Kenny smile”, “I want to see your smile”, “don’t you know you look sweet with your smile?” “Smile for me please”. 

I’m sure you know guys always want to look macho and want to do the James Bond look, but we mustn’t look too sassy all the time.

Give a smile please and don’t think about your teeth all the time. Some people will say “I don’t have a good set of teeth.” Come on, babies don’t have teeth at all and when they smile the impression still lasts on us.

You might not know how much your smile is worth until you give it. Just give it a try. When you smile people always smile back. Except the recipient is really having a bad day. But give it anyway. You can hold your smile afterwords. The first smile is enough for the person having a bad day. Who knows maybe the person just lost a contract or lost a loved one, or whatever it could be. 

The fact is we can’t rule out having bad days but your smile could be that ray of light someone is looking for that day.

Give your one million dollar smile today. A smile you can’t resist is not only found in babies, it’s in you too. It cost nothing to give a smile. Just give it.

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Kehinde Ibiyeye is a Lawyer, Blogger, and Talent Manager. He is passionate about helping people improve and develop their skills and use it to earn a living.

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