Leadership and organisation

What does it mean to have an organisation leadership?

First of all, an organisation is a structure designed and put into motion by its leaders to accomplish a particular end. Leadership is the machinery that helps make sure the goal of an organisation is met.

An organisational set up is essential when people seek to accomplish any kind of task or goal. Without the required leadership, that goal may not be achieved.

An organisation is a system and the leaders are at the head of it. 

Leadership mode

The leader is at the top of the hierarchy and leads other individuals.

Where there is a hierarchy of leaders, there must be a base. Any hierarchy without a solid base will obviously collapse. A leadership structure must have smaller teams to achieve any objective. This smaller teams spread out to form the base. Effective team leadership is also needed here.

A leadership structure and the organisation run concurrently. They cannot do without the other. Every leader must first find followers to help carry the vision.

For any organisation to succeed, you must check the quality of its leadership. For this to happen, the set of leaders in such an organisation should be self-effacing individuals, who display the fierce resolve to do whatever is needed to be done to make the organisation great.

Organisations needs visionary leaders

Vision is essential for growth. That is, leaders are more concerned about seeing that the vision of the organisation is achieved and ensure it is done in the best way possible and they are not concerned about credit and personal recognition.

Leadership is more about influencing others to take action than it is more about commanding and controlling people.

“It’s not the position that makes the leader; it’s the leader that makes the position.”

Every organisation is motivated by a vision.

It is the leaders in such organisation that projects the vision to the followers.

The leaders provide a mission for the organisation to achieve the vision.

That is, without quality leadership in the organisation, the vision and the mission will fail, that is why leadership is all about influence.

It is a must for every organisational leadership to make solid influence and cooperation among its members.

Leadership + Influence = Successful organisation  

Author: Moses Kehinde Ibiyeye

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